TV and Internet on the Road

The modern world has rediscovered the traveling holiday, and the UK is well near the front of the pack. Sales of caravans are peaking each year, and camping and glamping options are becoming a growing fad. But even though the call of the open road is luring more and more citizens from their comfy couches, […]

Comparing UK TV Options

Choosing the right Satellite or Cable Service for your information and entertainment needs is a challenge in the UK, where the options and features can be confusing and intimidating. All of the systems provide multiple channel options, and include equipment that can handle recording shows, as well as real time pause and rewind. Some of […]

Satellite TV vs. Cable

Despite the fact that there are many viewing options available, when it comes to setting up a home entertainment system, the choices usually come down to 2: Cable or Satellite Both are established technologies, offering programming for decades. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Both carry basically the same programming. So how to decide? Here is […]

How the Astra System Works

You can see them in any suburban or metropolitan environ; tiny dish shaped growths sprouting from walls, roofs and chimneys like high tech fungi, each pointing to a special spot in the sky. They are satellite dishes, the modern replacement to the ubiquitous TV aerials, and the spot they are pointing at if you are […]