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A Closer Look at Virgin TV

Virgin TV ranks just behind leader Sky TV as the largest TV programming provider in the UK. Virgin’s cable based delivery service has successfully challenged Sky’s satellite based service in many markets, and even dominates in the Pay per View venue. The company first took on its current persona in early 2007 when telemarketing firm […]


Satellite TV vs. Cable

Despite the fact that there are many viewing options available, when it comes to setting up a home entertainment system, the choices usually come down to 2: Cable or Satellite Both are established technologies, offering programming for decades. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Both carry basically the same programming. So how to decide? Here is […]


A closer look at Sky TV

Looking to become Britain’s premier TV and Communications provider, Sky began its life in 1989 as British Sky Broadcasting, providing phone service, premium and standard television programming to thousands of customers in the UK. Their initial subscription (encrypted) services were limited to Sky Movies, a premium movie channel in direct competition with ‘The Movie Channel’ […]


How the Astra System Works

You can see them in any suburban or metropolitan environ; tiny dish shaped growths sprouting from walls, roofs and chimneys like high tech fungi, each pointing to a special spot in the sky. They are satellite dishes, the modern replacement to the ubiquitous TV aerials, and the spot they are pointing at if you are […]